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Grief and young people: how to cope with loss

If somebody you know has died, it’s natural to feel all kinds of feelings. Here are some thoughts on what young people can expect from the grieving process, and some tips for their parents and caregivers on how to support them.

No matter who you are, dealing with bereavement is one of the most challenging things you can go through in life. The experience can be so shattering, it’s difficult to put into words – and it certainly isn’t the sort of thing that can be worked through in a few days or weeks.

If you’re facing this as a young person, you may feel that it has come at an especially difficult time. As well as dealing with all the many pressures and challenges every teenager faces, you are now forced to grapple with something heavy and overwhelming.

This can be an isolating experience, particularly if you’re the first person in your friend group to lose someone close to you. It probably doesn’t help that so much of the advice about grief is targeted at adults.

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