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How to avoid burnout during the coronavirus pandemic

At this stressful, uncertain time, many of us may be coming close to burnout. During the coronavirus lockdown it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain a work-life balance, or find time for relaxation whilst staying informed about what’s going on around us.

We are all responding to the coronavirus pandemic in different ways. From speaking to friends and family, I’ve heard the full spectrum of attitudes, ranging from despair to a very British stoicism, to a wholehearted embrace of the joys of baking bread.

However, perhaps the most prevalent feeling is one of weariness. “How much longer is it going to last?” we ask, fatigued by the ongoing social distancing measures and the constant cycle of bad news. And despite all the jokes about alternating ‘day pyjamas’ with ‘night pyjamas’, few of us are really finding this relaxing. For some, the sense of burnout is very real.

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