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How to get over your fear of exercise

The benefits of physical activity are well known. In the short term, doing some exercise can improve your mood and help you sleep better, as well as giving you a sense of accomplishment. Over the longer term, it can lower your risk of many chronic diseases, help keep your weight under control and strengthen your muscles and bones.

That said, knowing the facts isn’t always enough. Around a quarter of adults in the UK are totally sedentary, managing less than half an hour of moderate activity a week. Last year, a report by Public Health England found that 6 million middle-aged adults fail to take so much as a brisk walk once a month.

Of course, exercise is a very personal issue, and everyone’s circumstances are different. However, there are some frequently occurring obstacles that may stand in the way of getting fit. Whether these are practical hurdles (like finding time) or mental blocks (like feeling self-conscious), it’s common to find that physical activity falls down your priority list.


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