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How to handle asthma during the winter months

Many people with asthma find their symptoms get worse in the winter months. So how can asthma be managed as the days get colder, and what can you do to avoid triggers?

It’s natural to feel a bit of trepidation as winter approaches. As the days get colder, darker and gloomier, many of us would secretly prefer to hunker down and hide away till spring.

However, if you suffer with asthma you may be feeling this more than most. Many people find their asthma symptoms get worse during the colder months, meaning you might be dealing with irritated airways on top of all the usual seasonal bugs and wintertime blues.

Although not all asthma sufferers have the same triggers, a seasonal pattern to your asthma is very common. A 2014 study found that hospital admissions for asthma increased during the winter months, while some research from Asthma UK found that December and January are the deadliest months for people with asthma.

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