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When should I worry about an insect bite?

Insect bites are common at this time of year – but what are the signs that a bite may require medical attention, and how can you tell which insect is responsible for which itch?

We’ve all been there – enjoying a balmy summer’s evening outside, only to hear that telltale buzz. Mosquitoes, midges and horseflies are a common menace at this time of year, and they often like to mark the occasion with one or more itchy bites.

While insect bites aren’t exactly pleasant, we tend to see them as something to be tolerated. Unlike tropical regions – in which mosquitoes can carry malarial parasites – the UK does not pay host to many dangerous insects, and most bites will go away by themselves in a few days.

However, if a bite is really bothering you, it’s a good idea to look into strategies for relieving the irritation. It’s also important to be wise to the signs that a bite may be something more serious.

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