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How to help your child adjust to a post-Covid world

As we go back to some kind of normal, many parents will be worried about the ways the pandemic has affected their kids. Might school closures and social distancing have left a lasting legacy? And how can parents help children cope with the changes that lie ahead?

The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us – and children are no exception. For the past 18 months, they have experienced ongoing disruptions to their education and social development, as well as dealing with an array of individual hardships.

Just like adults, some have fared reasonably well throughout this period, while others have contended with trauma, anxiety and grief. Similarly, some will be thrilled about the ending of restrictions, whereas others will be worried about what lies ahead.

It’s also important to stress how long the pandemic has persisted, relative to a young child’s lifespan. Eighteen months isn’t too long in adult terms – but some children will barely remember a time before lockdowns, school closures and ‘pingdemics’ were a fact of life.

For this reason, many parents will be concerned about what ‘getting back to normal’ might look like. How easy will it be for kids to adjust to a post-pandemic world, and how can parents help?

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