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Is getting a massage a substitute for physiotherapy?

If you’re experiencing aches and pains – whether through a sports injury or a makeshift work-from-home set-up – you may want some hands-on treatment. But when will a massage suffice, and when should you see a physiotherapist?

If you’re emerging from 2020 with a long list of aches and pains, you aren’t the only one. Not only has this year been intensely stressful – which can have physical manifestations – but there are many pandemic-specific reasons why you might have been placing your body under strain.

This year, many people found themselves working from home for the first time. Although some had the benefit of a dedicated home office, others worked in less-than-ergonomic set-ups. With gyms closed, some people began new exercise regimes and ended up getting injured. Others, forced to balance the needs of work and childcare, spent more time than usual running after their kids.

In one survey of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by Nurofen, 36% of respondents said they had experienced increased back pain during lockdown.

If you fall into that bracket, you might be left craving a massage. Classed as a ‘personal care’ service, massage therapists in the UK have been allowed to operate as normal throughout the year, apart from during the spring and November lockdowns. However, before you book, it’s worth considering the nature of your complaint – would a massage be best, or would it be preferable to see a physiotherapist?

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