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Tips to prevent common foot injuries

Foot injuries are both very common and a source of deep frustration. Yet many of the most common foot injuries from running or playing sports – or just from daily life – are preventable. Here’s how to keep your feet healthy and avoid injury.

While they can affect anyone, runners and other keen sportspeople are most susceptible to foot injuries as well as being the people least inclined to heed the advice to rest.

The good news is that many foot injuries are minor, and can be prevented simply by wearing the right shoes. Common injuries run the gamut from blisters and calluses (a clear sign of badly fitting footwear) to tendon ruptures (which require urgent medical attention).

“Studies have shown that most of us take between 4,000 to 18,000 steps a day. We all wear tight shoes and even high heels and so it’s no wonder our poor feet are exposed to lots of wear and tear and injuries,” says Andy Goldberg, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Foot and Ankle, at the Wellington Hospital (part of HCA UK). “Aside from overuse, ill-fitting shoes and poor training habits are the commonest causes of foot injuries.”

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