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Q&A: Atomwise’s journey from discoverer to developer

Artificial intelligence company Atomwise is applying deep learning technology to drug discovery, allowing it to find promising molecules for diseases once considered ‘undruggable’. Following its recent $123m Series B funding round, Abi Millar profiles the growth of the company and finds out what’s in store for 2021 and beyond. 

US-based Atomwise is leading the charge in applying artificial intelligence to drug discovery. Since the company was founded in 2012, its platform, AtomNet, has identified a slew of drug candidates for supposedly ‘undruggable’ targets. The company has an extensive range of partnerships with big pharma and small biotechs, along with a number of spin-off companies.

In August, the company announced it had raised $123m in Series B funding, which will be used to scale up all its activities, including its own drug development pipeline. Atomwise CEO and co-founder Abraham Heifets discusses how artificial intelligence is changing the face of drug discovery.

Read the rest of this article in the November 2020 edition of Pharma Technology Focus

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