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How to stay healthy while working from home

Many of us are now working from home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which can sometimes be easier said than done. The following tips will help you stay healthy and happy and make the most of the experience.

In the past, when I told people I worked from home, it tended to polarise reactions. Some people would look at me wistfully and say that sounded like the dream. What could be better than eliminating your commute, taking naps whenever you wanted and joining conference calls in your pyjamas?

Others would say, “Oh, I could never concentrate at home.” They craved company and structure, and maybe didn’t trust their willpower against the seductions of daytime TV.

I found myself agreeing with this second camp. After a few years of working from home and coffee shops, I joined a shared workspace with a group of like-minded freelancers, and instantly saw my productivity skyrocket.

However, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the usual considerations don’t apply. For working age adults, offices and workspaces are where we make most of our contacts, and are therefore a major route of viral transmission. It’s no wonder that the government is advising us not to leave our homes unless absolutely necessary.

For the foreseeable future, millions of us will be home-cooking our lunches, being distracted by our pets, and wondering whether we can re-purpose our chest of drawers as a standing desk. This can pose some challenges if you’re not prepared.

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