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How to exercise safely in later life

While many people see later life as a time to slow down, it’s vitally important to stay physically active. But it’s important to do it safely, particularly if you haven’t exercised before.

We all know the importance of staying active. Whatever your stage of life, physical fitness can lower your risk of a whole host of health conditions, and make you feel better to boot.

These benefits become even more pronounced as we get older. Not only is physical activity one of the main contributors to longevity, but it’s also a factor in how much independence and mobility we can expect to maintain as we age.

Studies have shown that even light activity is enough to help you live longer. And a new study by Abertay University found that as little as one minute of weekly exercise (sprint interval training on a stationary bike) was enough to provide some health benefits for older people.

“Any exercise is better than nothing, but exercising three to five times per week at moderate intensity with a mixture of aerobic and resistance exercise is ideal,” says Dr Leon Creaney, sport and exercise medicine consultant at the OrthTeam Centre in Manchester. “This is known to reduce heart diseaseobesitydiabetesosteoporosis, frailty, and many types of cancer, and even has a protective effect against cognitive decline or dementia. In fact, there is really no condition that appropriate exercise is not beneficial for.”

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