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How to maintain your running routine in winter

When it’s cold and blustery outside, going for a run might be the last thing you feel like doing. However, running in winter can be surprisingly enjoyable if you bear a few pointers in mind.

The winter months might seem like a difficult time to maintain a running routine. When the weather’s bleak, the streets poorly lit and the ground slippery with leaves, you could be forgiven for putting your running shoes into hibernation.

All this said, if you truly want to run, the weather shouldn’t stop you. In fact, many runners find that this is actually one of their favourite times of year. Yes, fair-weather running has its advantages. But there’s something special about the feeling of arriving home after a wintry parkrun, splattered with mud and triumphant that you’ve braved the elements.

“Exercising outside in winter has so many benefits for your well-being,” says Anna Harding, content lead on the Running Channel. “Just being out and exercising in the daylight can really boost your mood, and since your body’s working harder to stay warm, it’s producing more endorphins. You can have a nice warm bath afterwards, and there’s that satisfaction of having gone out and done it.”

In short, if you approach winter running with the right attitude – and the right kit – you’ll find it was categorically worth the effort.

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