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What happens to your body when you go vegan?

More of us than ever are going vegan. But how does a plant-based diet actually affect the body and what are the pitfalls to look out for?

There’s never been a better time to go vegan. With a host of new products on the shelves (ranging from the much lauded Impossible Burger to the Gregg’s vegan sausage roll), 2019 might go down as the year that plant-based diets went mainstream. A record 250,000 people signed up to this year’s Veganuary, more than in the previous four years combined.

But while plant-based diets are undoubtedly good for the environment – not to mention assuaging concerns about animal welfare – it would be fair to ask whether they’re any good for your health. Can vegans actually get a balanced diet? Or does the old stereotype hold – vegans are undernourished and not eating in the way our bodies are ‘designed’ to eat?

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