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What it’s really like to live with rosacea

When Lex Gillies was 21, she went to the doctor with symptoms she describes as ‘unbearable’. Over the previous three years, her always-sensitive skin had become increasingly prone to flushing, and that flushing was taking longer to go down.

“I began to get pustules wherever the redness appeared and my skin became so dry that it would flake and crack,” she says. “The doctor knew as soon as I walked in that I had rosacea – a word I had never even heard before – and he prescribed a metronidazole cream, which my skin hated, and a thick emollient cream.”

Lex was suffering with a common inflammatory skin condition, characterised by facial skin sensitivity, redness, burning sensations and small red bumps known as papules. While rosacea can affect anybody, it is most commonly seen in fair-skinned individuals between 30 and 60 years old.


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