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How to travel safely during pregnancy

Over the last few years, a new term has cropped up on travel websites, namely the ‘babymoon’. Referring to the last holiday you take while pregnant, the babymoon ideally has little to do with babies. On the contrary, it’s a chance for some much needed ‘you’ time before the baby arrives and child-free activities become a distant memory.

It is hard to say how many couples end up taking babymoons (a 2016 survey by OnePoll placed the figure at 28% of expectant British parents) but it’s clear they have become something of a trend. Some travel agents even offer designated babymoon packages.

In principle, a babymoon is time for a last hurrah – indulging yourself, spending time with your partner or friends, and doing all the things that won’t be so easy a few months down the line.

Of course, there are a few caveats in place. Given that you will be pregnant, certain types of holidays are probably out of bounds. This may not be the best time, for instance, for a tropical getaway at the other side of the world. Similarly, you may want to steer clear of fast-paced activity holidays or gastronomic getaways, and you’ll definitely want to nix anything involving booze.

So for parents-to-be planning their dream holiday, how can you ensure you’re travelling safely, and what kind of breaks might be best?


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