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What are the best exercises for osteoporosis?

The issue of exercising with osteoporosis can doubtless be complicated. While, on one hand, physical activity is good for strengthening bones, certain exercises may place some people at risk of a fracture. As a result, confusion tends to abound – how much exercise should people with osteoporosis be doing and what types are safe?

In Patient’s recent survey of 281 healthcare professionals, doctors typically favoured lower-impact exercises: yoga/Pilates (recommended by 57% of doctors), bowls/pétanque (recommended by 49%) and swimming (49%). The least recommended activities were skiing/snowboarding (7%), skateboarding/rollerblading (6%) and rugby (3%) – all sports with a high risk of collisions or falls.

Osteoporosis Nurse Consultant Sarah Leyland, of the National Osteoporosis Society, thinks our respondents may be playing it safe – recommending the sports with the lowest risk of fracture, rather than necessarily the ones most likely to improve bone health.


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