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Sexual health at work – should employers be doing more?

The music is blaring, the free booze is flowing, and you’ve reached the end of a long and grueling year of work. It’s the office Christmas party – and while for some people, that means little more than a couple of sherries and then home for a nap, it’s also a time when sexual tensions between coworkers can reach their peak.

According to a UK survey of 2,000 adults, 39% of people have hooked up with a colleague at their work Christmas bash. Whether or not this statistic holds true in your workplace, there may be a few sheepish expressions the morning after.

Unfortunately, Christmas party sex often means drunken sex, and that in turn can mean unsafe sex. Given the risk of unwanted pregnancies and STIs – not to mention cases of sexual harassment and assault – how can people ensure that regrets are kept to a minimum? And should employers be doing more to safeguard their employees’ sexual health?

Read the rest of this article at Patient as part of its Christmas sexual health campaign

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