You, The Editor

The article focusing on the Justice Secretary’s stance on prisons did not make for a memorable front page. This is a shame after yesterday’s coup about the united front in Libya. Thankfully, this earlier front page was followed up in depth with a well-judged report into the Libyan situation in the wake of the leaders’ pledge.

Home news was a good balance of the serious and the diverting. Particular credit is due to a sensitive piece about the emerging secrets behind a young mother’s suicide..

The magazine had a retrospective feel, with a Shirley MacLaine interview and a peek at Paul McCartney’s family album. With regards the latter, I steeled myself for saccharinity, but instead found it quirky and quite endearing.

Paula Radcliffe’s four-page pullout, How To Run, was well-timed for couch potatoes who waver in their devotion to their sofa every time marathon weekend rolls round. Likewise, it was not surprising to see an appearance from Matt Roberts, personal trainer to the PM and media go-to man on fitness issues.

As for the freebie — a giant glossy poster featuring the Kings and Queens of England — it has its uses. I shall be using mine as a shield to hide behind till the blitz of wedding news dies down.

This reader review appears on today’s letters page in The Times

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